Why Self-Discipline is the Ultimate Act of Liberation

Feeling stuck?! This is why you don’t have the freedom you’re searching for.


The word “discipline” often conjures up images of rigid routines and self-denial.

The truth couldn’t be far more liberating. Self-discipline is the foundation for creating true freedom in your life. This article will challenge your perception of discipline and break down how it can be the key to living a life filled with healthy habits and personal fulfillment.

All too often we see people get into what they think will be a fulfilling lifestyle, starting with finishing high school, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree then jumping into a 9-to-5 career climbing the corporate ladder.

But then one day as they wake up for another day in the office, the realization hits them. The life they imagined would bring them success and happiness is too restrictive.


They don’t have as much freedom as they would like, settling for weekends off and a few paid holidays here and there to enjoy their free time with barely enough extra cash to spend after a week’s pay. 

Naturally, they hear about being an illustrious entrepreneur, starting a business, or finding a side hustle to rake in more money in less time, even if it never starts that way. 

That will not solve your problem. The problem is that by running away from the structure to have more freedom, we’re running away from freedom. 

You see, to have more freedom we need MORE discipline.

Once you have the discipline of hustling, selling, serving, etc., and following through on that consistently only then will you have more money.

And if you expand your hustling out into other avenues of service with a higher ceiling than your 9-5  you’ll bring in more opportunities for freedom with the control of money and time that has come from HAVING more discipline and more room to grow in those opportunities.

Working hard during the week will give you freedom on the weekends. And by hustling hard regularly and consistently for a few extra hours during the week learning a new skill,  building and tweaking a new idea or project that’s when you can free up more time and have more money to spend

These new skills and extra money can be put back into your new venture to get more out of the next steps.

You can only grow a plant if you water it regularly. Eventually, you won’t need to use the watering can as your plant will now be a fully-fledged tree and the fruit will come effortlessly to you! 

When you plant the tree, it’s going to need special attention. And especially before it has even poked its head out of the ground. If you don’t show up regularly to take care of the plant then odds are there will be minimal growth delaying the plant’s growth to become a strong tree.


This is the unsexy and boring part,  having nothing to show for your efforts yet, and the part where doubt creeps in as you work every day with no reward to speak of yet. Is it all for nothing?

BUT this is the most important part! 

Keep pushing through the sucky part by enjoying it. Loving it! If you can’t find a way to love it perhaps you are only in it for the payday – which might be years away. 

You need to fall in love with the discipline of the craft. It’s a paradox, but freedom comes from having self-discipline.


I can show you exactly how through the coaching processes I’ve developed. Don’t wait to experience the freedom you deserve!  

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