Brett’s message of overcoming fears through developing mindfulness and self awareness will surely leave a lasting impression on any audience.

Brett always loved a good story.

He loves how a story or metaphor in a keynote, or a creative experience or activity in a workshop, can get his audience to see the world differently and have an aha moment. Gently pushing beyond their fears and blocks is where the maximum growth is and you can trust Brett to take your audience there.

Audiences in Brett’s talks often receive benefits including

  • Better clarity
  • A stronger inner knowing
  • A Peace of mind
  • Mindfulness tools
  • Mindfulness tools
  • A broader perspective to see the world from
  • A comfortability with their negative emotions


A Stuntman’s Guide to Learning Anything

Based on his first book by the same name, Brett delivers a high value talk with his best strategies for studying, overcoming procrastination and learning any…

A Stuntman’s Guide to Overcoming Fear

In this talk, Brett shares his understanding of what fear is, why it’s there for all of us and how we can unpack it to learn more about ourselves and the guidance it can give us.

The Path Less Traveled

For schools and community groups, Brett shares his journey from a small country town in Australia moving to the opposite side of the world to become a stuntman and entrepreneur in the US.


Active Mindfulness – Meditation for People Who Can’t.

Brought about from his time working with disadvantaged youth from juvenile justice, Brett has been able to boil down the essence of meditation to then gift it to anyone … no matter whether meditation works for them or not. Hint: It WILL with these techniques.

Taking Risks in Stunts, Life and Business

For entrepreneurs and corporate groups looking to grow in their careers and businesses, Brett shares some stories from his time as a stuntman along with his experience owning multiple businesses and investments on how to grow. A workshop packed full of poignant questions and some powerful activities, Brett explores why we do the things we do, why we shy away from opportunities that can benefit us and how we can move toward challenge in healthy ways with the fullest awareness possible gaining the best results.

A Stuntman’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Straight to the point, Brett takes nebulus and abstract concepts like emotions, feelings and our internal dialogues and gives us very simple language, tools and systems of communication to understand how we can speak to ourselves and experience the world to explore what our emotions and feelings can do to help us and not just mess up our day but actually to guide us in our lives. In this workshop, Brett makes the internal obvious, the unconscious conscious and the uncomfortable comfortable.

Communication, Connection and Creativity

A favorite for corporate groups and entrepreneurs, this workshop is all about play and looking into ourselves to connect far deeper with the question of “what are we paying attention to?” Good for trainings of sales teams and tight knit corporate groups.

The Shift​

This is Brett’s baby. And it’s a beast. While many programs given by other facilitators are presented with some stories and activities set by the facilitator to move them toward a preplanned “What’s in it for me?” goal, in The Shift, Brett takes somewhat of a backseat, acting more as a guide through a series of games. Intentions and outcomes are set at the start of the day, collectively and individually by the participants themselves and then…where does it end up? What are the lessons? Let the chaos ensue and find out at the end of the day.

Every player wins a prize.

**Comes with an aha moment guarantee.**

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