As a child, I always wanted to be a real life super hero…

To be able to be my best all the time, have value to give to the world (a superpower), be aware of my weaknesses and flaws (my kryptonite)  and always be cool under pressure when going to work and saving the world.   Now, as an adult, the closest thing that I could find to being a superhero in my own eyes was being the stuntman that portrays them in films and TV.      A stuntman is often forced to overcome their fears daily, to have emotional awareness and be cool under pressure, to be think outside the box, be creative and solve problems quickly and to learn things every day to overcome difficult challenges and confronting situations.   This website won’t teach you how to become a stuntman for film or TV. Only to be the superhero or stuntman you’ve wanted to be.   In that sense, “A Stuntman’s Guide” is your guide to keeping you on the edge of your life. Coaching

The Book

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave school. Make learning deliberate.   Do you ever remember getting taught how to learn?
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