Invite Brett to speak at your next event, and hear what it's like to be a STUNTMAN! 

This is to express our warmest thanks to Brett Solomano, who visited our Story To Screen class in the Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting at RMIT, and gave a superb presentation regarding his career as a professional stunt performer, and the life lessons he drew from it."

~ John Reeves - Teacher - RMIT Professional Screenwriting Course

My promise to you is that my talks will be...

  • Unique – Ever met a stuntman before?
  • Anecdotal – A stunt story? What to know what it’s like to be on the edge of your seat for real?!
  • Simple – I hate jargon and won’t use it. My discussions are informative, to the point, and easy to understand.
  • Engaging – It’s much more fun and memorable when your audience is listening and learning with hands-on, interactive activities.
  • Practical  – I don’t just want you to hear about awesomeness, I want your audience to walk away feeling awesome and empowered as well! I always give them something to think about, take away and use in their daily life.

"I invited him to speak at a school where I worked called Academy of Design where he delivered a highly regarded and well received talk on procrastination and creativity habits to my students.

From having my own students I know that connecting with young people is not easy and Brett has a beautiful balance of connection and leadership to be able to connect with and also lead young people in the way that he does."
~Stephanie Maynard - Academy of Design

Steph Maynard 3

If you are an event organizer, I promise to be:

  • Hassle-free – You ask me for what you want, I make it happen. Simple. 
  • Prompt – I hate that feeling of running around and booking things at the last minute! Your time is valuable, and so is your audience's. 
  • Impactful – How do you measure the value of a speaker? Answer: the impact that they leave on the audience!

Brett's Most Requested Speaking Topics:

1. Inside the Mind of a Stuntman

How do stuntmen deal with their emotions when performing big stunts?

Hollywood Stuntman and fear expert Brett Solomano will teach your group how to think like a stuntman. Not only do his ideas work on a movie set, but they are highly effective in the business world as well!

Brett understands that fear is a natural response. Having the right attitude and awareness while bringing the right resources allows us to apply ourselves towards feeling fear. When life throws us a curveball, we can respond and know how to step up and lean into it, not away from it. This gives us the opportunity to take things up to the next level with business, money, relationships, and life.

In The Mindset of a Stuntman, Brett will teach your audience:

  • What it’s like to be a stuntman on a movie set and how you can become one in life as well.
  • How to take bigger risks in the business world.
  • How to leverage your emotions and not have them get in the way.

This presentation is the perfect fit for corporate audiences and entrepreneurs.


2. Active Mindfulness: Meditation for People Who Can’t

Have you been told you need to meditate but couldn’t get it to work for you?

When Brett Solomano first started stunt driving, he was taught by his mentor that he must “slow his mind down in order to make the car speed up.” He learned that exercising more control begins on the inside. He has since utilized this technique in his career as a Hollywood stuntman and in working with kids around the world. And now, Brett has decided to share his technique with corporate audiences who are looking for new ways to succeed!

A lot of people struggle to meditate. They know it is good for them, but they don’t understand how to make it happen. Brett has found that not everyone is able to be present and focused by sitting down, keeping quiet. Active Mindfulness is meditation for people who struggle to do it the traditional way. In business, the work we do can often have triggering effects on us, from the people to the pressures of deadlines. Possessing the ability to be mindful of our emotions helps us choose our thoughts so that we can choose our actions.

Ever wanted to get your kids to focus? Active Mindfulness also works great for “disadvantaged” kids who don’t want to sit down, keep quiet and close their eyes.

In Active Mindfulness: Meditation for People Who Can’t, Brett will teach your audience how to:

  • Utilize various meditation techniques all giving you the same outcome – mindfulness.
  • Meditate while walking, or doing anything.
  • Incorporate meditation into a busy life.
  • Engage with your body and mind on a much deeper level of awareness.
  • Understand and accept your emotions and feelings.

This presentation is a great fit for both small and large audiences. It’s a perfect fit for corporate groups,
entrepreneurs, teens, and disadvantaged youth.


3. A Stuntman’s Guide to Learning Anything

My compass thankfully was so strong that it pulled me along against everyone else’s wishes. You should
listen to your compass to guide you into the unknown. Trust it more than other people, because they are
telling you what they would do and what their compass is telling them. -Brett Solomano

Learning traditionally is about getting everything correct, with there being only one right way to do things. We are taught from a young age that “persistent perfect practice makes perfect” and traditional schooling is a reflection of this.

School never teaches us how to look into the unknown though and push the limits. Because of this, Brett Solomano takes a stuntman’s approach to learning, one that has helped him personally in his career and helped him teach young people around the world. Brett believes that instead of learning what someone else has done and being like them, use curiosity, creativity, exploration (and just the right amount of breaking the right rules) to find your own way.

Instead of focusing on the finite, goals are achieved when we focus on the infinite possibilities out there.

In A Stuntman’s Guide to Learning Anything, your audience will gain:

  • The permission and ability to get out of their comfort zone and push their limits.
  • An understanding of different types of teachers, coaches and mentors, and when to utilize each.
  • The importance of goal setting…AND the right way to do it!
  • Learning to be curious, have fun and play with your “work”, instead of doing your dreaded practice.

This presentation is a perfect fit for all kids who are in their early to mid-teens. It works well in
schools for grades 8-10, youth groups, and disadvantaged youth.


Contact Brett today for a custom made facilitator workshop at your workplace - "The Busyness of Business" - Improving workplace communication and team dynamics.



‘Brett was a fantastic speaker, really engaging the audience in a fun and thought provoking exercise which taught us how to overcome fear and be confident stepping into the unknown. He drew on his vast experience to make fear seem less scary for us.’
Helen Eveleigh – Action for Happiness Melbourne
International Day of Happiness 2015


My motivational talks are always:

  • Open-ended – I don't tell you the lesson I want you to have. I just give you the experiences and the questions to give you your own "aha moments". 
  • Experiential – Let's be honest, you can't learn anything without actually doing it! There are no right answers except the ones you come up with.
  • Unique – I promise I will flip every one of your switches and push every one of your buttons so you can see what makes you tick.

Note: you may have to face your fears, meditate or play with Lego to make it happen. 


Next Steps

Interested to find out more? Contact me at the email and phone number in the footer please


"Brett is now making regular appearances at Laneway Learning and we are always happy to have him back!

His classes are very inspiring, often funny, always down to earth and a good reminder of how capable and amazing we all can be!

He always has fresh content and his passion for sharing engages students and inspires them to improve."
~ Mark Gregory - Co-Founder Laneway Learning

Mark Gregory
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"Brett is a master facilitator, weaving his personality into the customised packages he designs for organizations large and small to achieve their business goals. Brett realises it isn't about the powerpoint presentations. He is purposeful about how and where he takes his audience in a workroom space. At Zomato, he presented to a group of 8, a workshop on team dynamics and helped each one of us identify our own patterns in interpersonal workplace communication.

Connecting, convincing and even changing people and ideas are integral to any organization, and Brett opened us up to a world of possibilities in order to make that happen. Brett also provided us with tools to measure our effectiveness through our ability to reach others through the spoken and written word. He was able to make the content completely interactive, rather than forcing us to follow his lead. Additionally, he did a great job of filtering the content to suit a range of audiences ranging from graduate trainees to senior management.

He also created practice and feedback paradigms that the team could use on an ongoing basis. It was interesting to observe the changes in communication across the team in the aftermath of Brett's workshop. The communication between the personnel became more mindful in the months to follow, in terms of the multiple strands of structure, content and delivery."
~ Nithya Nagarajan - Customer Relationship Manager - Zomato

"Recently Brett came down to Hub Melbourne and delivered one of [his] game changing and highly experiential training programs to get members of the Hub thinking outside the box and challenging where they are at.

Creative, intuitive and empowering are compliments that have been received about the event he ran..."
~George Siosi Samuels - Community Manager, Hub Melbourne


"It was both an honour and a privilege to be working with such a strong and dedicated young man on our camps for young people late last year."
~ Debbie Seldon - Expressive Therapist and Counsellor