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Brett Solomano is a Screen Actors Guild Award Nominated stuntman for his work on The Walking Dead. He has worked on many tv and film productions performing as a stuntman and actor. Always entrepreneurial, he is a real estate investor and has started several businesses, including a semi truck rental and intermodal container transport business. He is the current Guinness World Record Holder for driving a semi truck (with a 53ft trailer!) in reverse for 55.34 miles (89km!) … in four hours!!

Brett says that one of the most common questions that he would get asked when he would tell people that he was a stuntman was they wanted to know “when doing your stunts, how do you not get scared?” At first he didn’t know the answer to the question, but, like the ever curious individual he is, he started to watch, notice and ask questions of people.

  • “What is fear to you?”
  • “When do YOU get scared?”
  • “Why do you think fear and anxiety are still there when you know you are still safe?”
  • “What else is stopping you from being successful?”
  • “Are all fears equal?”
  • “What about procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety and even indifference? Are these all other minor forms of fear?”

All these conversations, years of self development and his unique vantage point as a stuntman would lead him to think about fear and emotions differently.

A sabbatical to Bali in 2013 volunteering at a school made him realize that he really enjoyed working with youth and teaching others, especially life skills like self awareness, emotional intelligence, how to learn and mindfulness. Always striving for an “aha moment” in himself and his students. This new excitement for teaching led him to then work at a camp just outside of Sydney, Australia for disadvantaged youth from juvenile justice programs and later work at an after-school program in Melbourne teaching life skills to 3-15 year olds through gymnastics, parkour, rockclimbing and other physical activities. It was thanks to many of these programs and his work as a stuntman that lead to him developing his signature program “Active Mindfulness – Meditation for People who Can’t ” and many others.

Brett has been an instructor in a variety of forms through his varied careers in between stunts, often taking on training and development roles in the companies he has worked for and within. A CDL instructor and training program developer at Katlaw Truck Driving School, workshop facilitator for Hub Melbourne and Laneway Learning, drift instructor, expert witness for court cases…the list goes on.

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