Momentum Mastery


Do you ever get stuck in your own doubts, fears or procrastination? Do you have big dreams and resources around you but just can't get the results you want? 

Unlock the secrets to overcoming fear, limiting beliefs, obstacles, procrastination, and perfectionism to take small daily actions and complete your goals.

The Momentum Mastery Challenge is a four week program, starting on October 23, where we get you to overcome what's holding you back by gaining momentum. From anywhere in the world, you can achieve 28 personal wins by overcoming 28 fears and obstacles.
The Momentum Mastery Challenge is an accountability group with daily lessons, challenges and step-by-step guidance on how to break down your goals to overcome "stuckness."

Meet me, Brett Solomano, your own personal coach who will help you gain the momentum you are looking for to kick start your goals and overcome your fears.


I am Hollywood stuntman, author, public speaker and a consultant on mindfulness, fear and learning. I am fascinated by how education and self-awareness can be used to change the world.


If you are tired of not being your best self, let me, help you get the results you want.
A change is as easy as ordering now.

The Momentum Mastery Challenge is perfect for

artists, entrepreneurs, performers, and anyone with a goal...
but are stuck, blocked by fear, or procrastinating.

If you want to sell your projects, promote your services, get this and beat that, and achieve success quickly...

Don't hesitate. Act today by getting your momentum started and stop putting your dreams on hold. 


"Brett's creative background allows him to bring insight and perspective which is valuable for getting to the core of human matters. He is authentic in his ability and passion towards understanding thought patterns which influence decision making."

- Helena Chen, Manager, Portfolio and Project Management Office, BeyondBlue

In this program, you will
  • Overcome 28 fears in 28 days. 
  • Achieve one of your goals in only 28 days.
  • Develop tools for success in your career.
  • Share triumphs and knowledge with others from around the world that also bettering themselves.


What you will get:

  • How to Get Started with a Bang - An introductory video explaining how to get the most out of our month together
  • Momentum Tools - A series of videos with the tools that I use every day as a stuntman that can also help you develop your self-awareness and understand your fears differently. 
  • Overcome 28 Fears - 28 videos with one simple challenge each day for you to overcome during our month. The fears you will overcome are the weeds and underbrush in your mind blocking you from success.
  • Momentum Mastery Workbook - A diary or journal to map out your journey from start to finish and also plan, act and reflect along the way. 
  • Introductory Call - 30 Minutes with Brett (Valued at $75) - All it takes is a spark. A little bit of inspiration, clarity and knowing where the right tools are. I will give you all this before you set off on your journey.
  • Facebook Community - Fear thrives in isolation. Watch and learn from other people's successes along the way, ask questions of the coaches and celebrate together!
  • Two hours of Coaching Time with Brett (Valued at $250) - All the answers are right in front of you, but maybe you just need an extra leg up. Reach out to me during your 28-day challenge when it works best for you. One-hour or half-hour blocks at a time, weekly, randomly or all in one go if you're really stuck.
Stop letting your fears get in the way of your success, join me today.


"Brett is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, thorough, and perceptive- working with him has been fantastic!

By talking through the issues I was facing he was able to get to the core of the problems and provide practical ways of solving them. He was able to determine the action steps needed to move forward and provides clarity to complex situations."

- Sam Knight, Senior Geospatial Consultant, Peter J Ramsey & Associates

The Momentum Mastery Challenge is for those who take responsibility for where they are but need clarity on what to do next to get started. This is for the people who already have tried the how-to books and self-help classes but just have not found the answers they are looking for. 


"Brett has repeatedly helped me to tackle problems through an engaged coaching process that I value. Friendly and passionate, Brett connects effortlessly with others. He is one of the most creative and big thinkers that I know of. He has some big ideas and intentions for both himself and the world."
Are you ready to conquer 28 fears in 28 days for personal victories and to get your momentum going?
If you are ready to overcome your fears the next challenge starts soon!

Do not miss out on your chance. Sign up for the Challenge today!

Enrollment ends on October 21, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST.

The Momentum Mastery Challenge begins on October 23rd.
Spaces are limited to ensure a tight and personal community.

Do It Yourself - $97

What You Will Get

  • How To Get Started with a Bang
  • Momentum Tools
  • Overcome 28 Fears
  • Momentum Mastery Workbook

Done With You - $297


What Will You Get?

  • Videos and Workbooks from DIY program
  • Introductory Call - 30 Minutes with Brett (Valued at $75)
  • Facebook Community

Done For You - $497

What Will You Get?

  • Videos and Workbooks from DIY Program
  • Introductory Call - 30 Minutes with Brett (Valued at $75)
  • Facebook Community
  • Two hours of Coaching Time with Brett

Ask for your money back and walk away.

If at any time you think this program isn't for you, ask your money back and walk away...

I do love feedback, though, so I may ask for it!

100% money-back guarantee

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