The #1 Problem with Society Right Now

Is it Donald Trump? Global warming? The economy?

I believe the biggest problem we have right now is actually that we are too comfortable in life.

I think back to what it must have been like back in tribal days we humans would have to hunt for food (not that I was there of course)! The physical prowess was agile, strong and athletic. The mental abilities from remembering where they were in the forest, presence for listening to the natural world for animals, weather and danger, and alertness was on point!

All these skills were getting used every day and because we were constantly a little uncomfortable and battling the elements we grow into the modern human beings we are today.

Now the opposite is the case!

Nowadays we have food around the corner which we walk to (or even just get an Uber to get for us!) and stimulation on demand in the palm of our hand…none of which pushes us to solve new problems or grow out of our comfort zones. Everything is done for us!

Survival of the fittest doesn’t apply to our generation.

Or does it?

Back when I was living in Melbourne, I had a comfortable apartment half an hour from the city, rent was fairly comfortable, debts were there but manageable. I had a small group of friends who both supported and challenged me…but largely, everything was comfortable.

Having moved to the US last year and basically restarting my life, having to get new friends, new work and learning a whole new system of living (“What do you mean there’s no meat pies and they drive on the right hand side of the road???”) I’ve found that personally I been happier internally with my life since moving here…even though it has largely been tiring and somewhat lonely at times! And everything I had in Melbourne, the friends, the lifestyle, the work etc have all been better quality because I’ve become better quality.

So even with some solid negatives, why has this been such a positive and rewarding experience?

I believe it’s because the more we struggle (with the right rest and support etc) the more internally satisfied we become, so much so that this is a universal truth for anyone.

But we MUST get out of our comfort zone to do this…

For many people THAT’S the hardest part!

Do you agree with this? Are you a little too comfortable right now? Not getting the results you want?

Let’s try something!

If you’re not getting the results you want in your life I’m going to make the assumption you’re probably too comfortable. And that you haven’t pushed yourself out of your comfort zone enough.

Want to see if you need to get out of your comfort zone?


Ready to get out of your comfort zone today?