Study Hacking

Study Hacking

University dragging on? School too dry? Know you need to pass your course but are still getting stuck? Do less study and achieve more marks today!

With over 30 qualifications I have learned that there are two ways you need to apply yourself to studying something:

  1. You need all the most efficient ways to pass. No one wants to waste time unnecessarily with study.
    Less time -> More marks
  2. You need to do the most amount of work possible to explore your desires within the course. This leads to you being the best you can be with your qualification in the workforce.
    More time -> More understanding and ownership of the learning.

Sound contradictory? It is!!

UNLESS we can find the balance between the two! Complete this form to unlock the secrets of Study Hacking.

Not getting the results you want?

Ask for your money back and walk away. (Though I do love feedback so may ask for it!)

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