Seven Day Fear Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – Fear of Selling


Great job for making it to Day 7 of the challenge, Edgefinders!


And finally, the last one in the seven-day challenge is the fear of selling.


Most of us, save for a select few, appear to be born with the fear of selling ingrained deeply inside. Have you ever struggled to ask for a pay raise? Been stuck with the short straw at work or in your community and ended up having to do the thing you didn’t want to?
Have you ever had a great idea but felt uncomfortable to share it?
Ever struggled to pick up the phone to call that person that you want to?
Struggled to ask that beautiful person out?


I’ve saved the best for last! It appears the fear of selling is probably one of the hardest fears to overcome as it is tied into and amongst many other fears as well.


Fear of exile – if I tell people what I want I may give them every reason to eject me out of my job/community.
Fear of loss – if I share this idea someone may steal it.
Fear of asking for what you want – maybe my friends won’t like me anymore
Fear of detachment – I might lose everything I’ve gained!
Fear of failure – how would it feel to lose? I don’t want that!
Fear of success – what if they say yes and I don’t have the resources to step into the role and deliver!?
Fear of giving someone else control – I ask someone for something then they have the power to say yes or to say no to me. I don’t like being out of control.


We also hate being “that guy” who we have all had sell to us on the street. “Hi, there! May I get a moment of your time to talk about…”


Yep, the fear of selling is one of the biggest ones people experience for sure!


I remember back when I was a child, we would get fish and chips for dinner every Sunday as it was our special family treat and my parents would make me place the order! By phone!!


Every week I struggled with the idea that I had to call up and say “Hi, I’d like to order some fish and chips.” (They’d respond with “Hi, what would you like?”) “We’d like 4 pieces of flake, four dim sims…” etc (They’d respond with that’ll be $20 and ready in half an hour.) Then I’d say “Thank you goodbye.”


But I would struggle!


My body would react and I’d freeze from the fear. And all I was doing was asking for my favorite food!! I wasn’t even selling, I was buying! But I think what bothered me was the idea that it was all unknown to me. I had no confidence in my communication. And the only way I got out of it was through practice!


Can you relate?


So today you’re going to sell something to someone.


Whatever you are comfortable with! It doesn’t matter.


You will have two parts to your communication. The offer and the ask.


The Offer
“I’m doing this thing right now.”
“I’ve got this idea.”
“I’ve always wanted to try…”
“I think I might have a solution to that problem we spoke about.”
“I have an amazing product/service.”


The Ask
“Would you be interested in that?”
“May I spend time during my day at work to work on that too?”
“Would you like to come with me?”
“Would you let me create the solution to this?”

“May I give you a free sample?/Would you like to come in and…


If you offer and ask, you’ve sold something. Doesn’t matter who to either. Whether it be to friends for a social outing, your boss to consider your skills on a different project or to give you a pay raise or a potential client to buy your product or service.


Either way, we are all sellers and we are all buyers.


If you’re confident in social circles but not at work, choose to take this challenge at work.
If you’re confident at work but not with your own personal brand or side business then offer your products or services a little more to new people.


Don’t be passive in life any longer! Move forward with your ideas!


When you’re done think back…
What did it feel like to ask and get rejected?
What did it feel like when they said yes?
What thoughts and beliefs jumped out at you from your mind, justifying to keep you stuck in your old habits?


Take a photo of the product you sold or if it was an idea you shared then take a picture of yourself immediately after and post it on social media along with your answers.


Tag me or email me a copy of the photo and your answers. I’d love to hear how it went for you!


PS As I mentioned I’ve also had a big fear of selling in my life. It’s been huge for me!


And I wouldn’t be a very good person if I didn’t take my own medicine. So, here…


If you’d made it this far in the seven-day challenge or you have been on my email subscription list or around my content for you while then I absolutely know that you are the kind of person that would benefit from doing this for 28 days straight! You’re an edge finder and a go-getter of the highest level!


To do this for 28 days means that you would start to build the habit of overcoming little fears every day. This would be game changing for you and your growth would no doubt become unstoppable in your business and personal life.


I have packaged up 28 fears that I KNOW every one struggles within life and have called this challenge the Momentum Mastery Challenge.


It’s for artists, entrepreneurs, performers, and anyone with a goal…
but are stuck, blocked by fear, or procrastinating.
If you want to sell your projects, promote your services, get this and beat that, and achieve success quickly…
You must sign up today to keep the momentum you’ve already started and to stop putting your dreams on hold.


Phew! That was tough for me to share! 😉


What did you get most out of doing these challenges? Reach out to me by replying to this email! I promise I reply to all emails!


In the meantime, stay awesome!


Brett Solomano
Hollywood stuntman. Author, speaker, and coach on overcoming fears.

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