Seven Day Fear Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 – Fear of Asking For What We Want!

Hello again Edgefinders!


We all want something in life. We are all a little bit selfish enough to have a vision and some of us also even chase hard toward their vision and their wish to live out a specific identity.


Unfortunately, many of us have the misconception that to be selfish means we can’t help people in the process. Perhaps because we were angrily called selfish at some point in our childhood we think it must be a bad thing. Instead, we become selfless and NEVER ask for what we want knowing that any form of us getting what we want must be at the expense of others and therefore must be bad!


But here’s the thing, the most successful and wealthy people are hugely selfish AND also VERY selfless.


Disagree? Look a little closer!


It is because they have something that they want to share with the world or a community. Something to help people or to solve a problem AND they are also selfish enough to ask for the value they think it is worth. When the two line up, an exchange occurs, which could be on the level of millions of dollars!


Your level of success (monetary success, spiritual success, or whichever) is determined by your ability to create value in the world, ask for something of value to you and make the exchange.


As this challenge can be taken on many levels it is important we start small, so…


Everyone loves getting a discount! And your challenge for today is to go into a store and ask the staff for a discount.


Start with something simple like this… Any store you go into in the next day or two say something like this to them while at the cashier:


“I’m on a budget right now I was wondering may I get a discount of some kind?”
“I really like your store! I’m going to share your product/service/store on facebook because I think my friends need to know about this. (Wait for a response) I was wondering, I’m trying to save money right now, may I get a free size upgrade?”
“I noticed you didn’t have too many positive reviews on Yelp/Google Maps. May I give a positive review for a small discount?”
“Do you have a rewards program that gives out bonuses? I’m looking to be rewarded for my purchases and get a discount.”


You will be surprised at how many stores may just give you a discount for asking. And ALL are in the business of making money so many will likely be happy to give you one in exchange for promotion or review of some kind, in you go in with the right attitude.


What did it feel like to ask and get rejected?
What did it feel like when they said yes?
What thoughts and beliefs jumped out at you from your mind, justifying to keep you stuck in your old habits?


Take a photo of the product you got a discount on and then post it on social media along with your answers.



Tag me or send me a copy of the photo and your answers. I’d love to hear how it went for you!


It’s a different way to ask and a different strategy for each type of shop or product, but the more you get familiar with it, the more you can improve at it… and the more you can save.


If you can make this challenge a habit wherever you go, I guarantee you that your confidence in yourself will skyrocket within the week AND you’ll also ultimately be saving money hand over fist! A couple of dollars here. Five dollars there. $50 or even hundreds of dollars next time you purchase furniture or a car!


But not only that, you’ll start asking for other bigger things in life and continue to balance out the selfishness with your selflessness.


PS If you see a coaching program of mine that you like, perhaps you could ask me for a discount? 😉


Our MOMENTUM MASTERY program is coming around again very soon! Perhaps you’d like to continue this seven-day challenge a while longer?


Until next time,

Be curious.
Learn often.
Live deliberately.


Brett Solomano
Hollywood stuntman. Author, speaker and coach on overcoming fears.