Seven Day Fear Challenge – Day 4

Day Four – Fear of Being Real


Why do we lie to each other?


I mean just the little ones. We all get told as children we should all tell the truth!


The polite finishing of the first date with a “Yeah, I had a great time. I’d love to see you again!” Only to hear nothing or a polite rejection in the coming days and weeks.


The… “Hey! It’s great to see you!”

No, it’s not. You know you and I don’t get along.


“Yeah, I’m looking for a long-term stable career with a good company.”

No, you’re just looking to work here for six months and get a boost to your resume, the industry connections or the income because your freelancing career never took off.


We all do it. There isn’t a day that goes by where we lie to ourselves and others around us. And it’s the little ones that are the worst!


Because training a little habit of lying can be detrimental to our long-term stability of our beliefs and our communication and relationship with ourselves and others.


I see it on social media and many different places where people are out in public and can’t hide.


I remember once a woman went running by me in the street. For fitness, you know? And she had on designer tracksuit pants that looked like they had hardly been worn… and makeup. Yes, makeup! While running!


What bothered me the most was that I was worried for her self-esteem being that it seemed she couldn’t leave the house without having to make a claim on her identity.


“How are you?”

“Yeah, everything is going great!”


Recently a trend has also started on social media where people post themselves having a negative day. This is a separate thread of conversation about social media but what I want you to do today for your seven-day fear challenge is, set an alarm with a label or leave yourself a note beside your bed to remind yourself when you wake up to take a photo of yourself within five minutes of waking up.


No makeup. No fake smile. No filter.


Just realness showing how you’re doing today.


Post the photo on social media.


And say something like this:
Tell us what’s on your mind.
Tell us what you’re excited about.
Tell us what you’re stressing or worried about.


Today your challenge is to be real.


Share it with me and with the world for everyone to see that you have no problem with being real.


If you can’t do this or feel uncomfortable about it then please email me with your thoughts on why you can’t. Let’s observe them together! Maybe I can help you break through!?


PS: How did you go with yesterday’s challenge?


In the meantime,


Stay awesome!!


Brett Solomano
Hollywood stuntman. Coach, author, and speaker on overcoming fears.

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