Seven Day Fear Challenge – Day 1

Hey Edgefinders!


Over the next seven days, I want to share with you possibly one of THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO OVERCOMING FEAR.


Two years ago I found out I was less than 5 months away from moving to the US. I had to move within the 4 and a half months or I’d lose my opportunity.


I had no savings to move with and a house full of stuff.


In that following 4 months I ended up selling or giving away everything, downsizing my life to the contents of a suitcase and backpack AND making more money thanks to hustling hard than I’d ever made in such a space of time.


Eighteen months ago I’d just moved to Los Angeles to follow my dreams of getting into film and with the price of accommodation of Los Angeles, a lack of clarity on where I actually wanted to live and no desire to drive across LA to work every day I decided to buy a van to live in.


Just over a year ago I had a man offer me a position in one of the most prestigious film communities in the world. Because of a simple administration error, I ended up being in a role where I wasn’t allowed to be and also caused this man to get in big trouble with this same community! Not only did I almost lose my spot and future opportunities with this man but I also nearly cost him his position too! I could have bowed out but instead, having come so far, I called him up not only to apologize and take responsibility but also, even after much embarrassment on both our parts, to further ask him to help me out again and for us to get it right this time.


He finally said yes and I got into the community!


Continuing to live out of the back of my van I was saving money every step of the way.


Six months ago I reached out to some of the legends in the action film industry to ask them for mentoring and advice. In the following months, I was having lunch with some of the biggest stunt drivers around from films such as Terminator 2, the Fast and the Furious franchise, Speed and many others…all because I asked.


Knowing that it was a long way for me to go back to Australia if I “failed”, I figured that I’d keep pushing myself out of comfort zone either further.


Three weeks ago I further picked up my stuff leaving behind my newest friends in Los Angeles and moved to Atlanta to follow the film industry to here. Bigger films and bigger opportunities!


Last night I was socializing with stunt performers and coordinators from some of the most legendary TV shows around right now.


I kept getting out of my comfort zone and became fascinated with the new found comfort that I had with being uncomfortable.


My comfort zone had exploded wide open!


And there was a certain momentum that I had gained from continually pursuing a lifestyle of living on the edge…not just by doing stunts but by doing the hard and uncomfortable thing…to the point where I notice my comfort zone expanding now ON IT’S OWN!


This is where you come in!


I’m running a challenge right now for anyone who wants a nudge in life and to see what successes might await THEM on the other side of the edge of their comfort zone!


Seven days. Seven challenges.


What would you comfort zone be like after overcoming seven fears in seven days?


Your Day 1 challenge is to overcome your fear of giving.


Look through your wallet and choose an amount of money to give away to the next person that asks for it. A charity perhaps? Maybe a homeless person needing a meal?


Start small and work up until you start to feel uncomfortable.


$1? … $2? … $5? … $10?? … $20??? … $50? … $100?


As soon as you start to feel uncomfortable with the fact that you know you’re going to give that amount of money away then DO IT! Give it away knowing that right there you are on the edge of your comfort zone!!


Look around for the next day or two for people to give it away to.


Take a photo of the money you are about to give away. Now after you give it to the person ask them if you may take a photo with them.You could say something like…


“Thank you. I’m glad I got to help someone today. I’m currently doing a challenge with friends where I create meaningful experiences for myself and others each day. May I take a photo of us to share with my friends?”


Share the results on social media and don’t forget to send me a copy!


I’d love to hear how it went for you!


Stay tuned for the next challenge!


Stay awesome!

Brett Solomano
Stuntman, author, speaker and coach on overcoming fear.