Problem Powercalls

Problem Powercalls

Don’t want a coaching? Can’t wait to speak with your mentor or coach? Just need a speedy way to overcome a problem fast?


Studying mentors for my book “A Stuntman’s Guide to Learning Anything” I found out pretty quickly that different mentors have different attributes, eg. Some will support you, some will ask great questions, some will give advice and others will inspire you into action.
Mentoring is an art form and I believe I’ve got it so clearly defined that I can be all four in less than 15 minutes.

If you can’t solve a problem in less than fifteen minutes you’re over complicating it. That’s the ego playing villain AND victim on itself to get a bigger sense of identity.

My guarantee to you is that by the end of the 15 minutes you will feel:

  1. Comfortable and present to the problem.
  2. Totally and absolutely clear on the circumstances are.
  3. As you have appropriate resources to guide you further.
  4. Inspired, with an Action Plan.

If not then I’ll refund your money.

Not getting the results you want?

Ask for your money back and walk away. (Though I do love feedback so may ask for it!)

100% refund guaranteed