Learning Done For You

Learning Done For You

I'll dedicate over five hours each week, for one month, learning what you need to learn using all of my best techniques. We’ll learn together, but much more quickly than you would learn on your own, with all of my super powered techniques and guidance.”

I’ll be the best learning and accountability buddy you’ll ever have.
One month solid coaching. You have my phone number. You can call me whenever you want.

Don’t want to me to teach you? Just want the answers?
Consider me like a Learning Agent. I do all the learning for you. At the end of the month I give you a report with everything I’ve done in that month:

  • my own learning diary of what I tried, what failed, what worked and why
  • practice habits
  • people I’ve spoken with
  • mentors and communities I connected with,
  • lists of books, websites, and media I’ve devoured WITH all the learnings from each,
  • plus much more!

You can just pull all the answers, attitudes, habits and ideas straight from my brain!

Due to the intensity and focus I give each client I limit this coaching to just one spot per month

Not getting the results you want?


Ask for your money back and walk away. (Though I do love feedback so may ask for it!)

100% refund guaranteed