How to Do That Hard Thing You’ve Been Procrastinating – Yes, Tax Return, I’m looking at You!

I hate tax! Like seriously! I hate it so much I actually had to edit my initial draft down and remove the expletives from the blog!


I have been trying to get my tax down for the past couple of months but this thing just keeps getting procrastinated under the guise of “I don’t have the right person” and “I’m waiting for my assistant to get back to me!” and blah blah blah…


Whatever the excuse (and there is always one) it can be removed with action!
Whatever the fear it can be removed with action!


But what does it look like to “get my tax done” done!?


You see “get my tax done” is just way too vague for anyone’s mind to grasp, but it’s especially vague for those who hate it or aren’t good at it.


What exactly does “get tax done” mean?
For me it means I need to gather all my pay summaries and get schedule X, Y and Z done. (Hypothetically! There isn’t a schedule X that I know of!)


And yes then I need to send them to my accountant. But I don’t want to burden him! What if I don’t send the right stuff? He won’t take me seriously.


Yes Brett, that’s his job!


You see how much talking is going on here in my mind!? Urgh…


Just send him something!


Just do something. If you don’t no one else will!


So I sent him something: my 1099’s and W2’s (in Australia we call them group certificates) and told him I wanted him to do my tax this year. He came back and gave me the next step. I know this will be done soon too because I’m going to make sure it’s done quickly and with mistakes! I’m not going to worry about whether it’s right or not, just send something back quick and keep it moving. I’m going to get it as close as I can.


Perfectionism is the enemy and a great excuse of procrastination!


You see it’s like a tennis match. The game is only in play while the ball is moving. If you catch it, the game stops. If you don’t hit the ball, it rolls away. You must keep the ball moving and even better hit it back quickly!


Just like Newton’s Laws of Physics: Objects at rest stay at rest. Objects in motion stay in motion.


Nothing changes unless you change.


My tax is getting done!


Need some help with your procrastination?


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