How to Build Your Hustle Muscle

Like most things in life it takes practice to get better at something. Or as I like to say “exposure”. To me, practice implies that we must do it right. (Maybe this comes from the idea we are taught as kids that “practice makes perfect”.)


In my mind, we really just want to expose ourselves to new things. The good AND the bad.


To do this we need to build the muscle that allows to hustle. The one that offers us the opportunity to keep moving into the magic beyond our comfort zone. The stuff that offers us the inertia to push against the elastic band holding us down where we are in life.


Building the hustle muscle is basically the idea that everyday you practice something that gets you out of your comfort zone.


This can be very hard for us to do when we get comfortable in life. You know that period when everything is going really well? You’ve got the job that pays you well and are happy in. You’ve got a loving family around you and great friends. Life is great!


But I have seen way too many people get comfortable and then when the next storm comes (and it will come sooner or later!) they have forgotten the skills they need to get the next job or new friends because it’s been so long since they had to write a resume or befriend someone!


You must not get comfortable!


Do something new at least every week! Pitch yourself to someone or something! A new hobby!


And I’m saying that to all the people who have a full time job and have had the same job for the last several years! Especially the people with a full time job! Pitch a new project or idea at work?


I’ve spent some time over the last couple of days pitching to a few different top level stunt coordinators. The ones that you would have probably seen the work of. You know the A-level action films.


And I keep thinking “Am I ready to work for them yet? They must have 1000 guys looking to work for them, why would they choose me?”


As they say, if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no!


Send an email! Pitch something!


Chances are that they won’t say yes, at least the first time. They may not even say no but instead just give you no response. But even though you may not get a response you would be surprised at how often these people actually read the emails but just don’t have a response for you. Maybe they don’t like to say no. Maybe they just aren’t ready to say yes.


BUT if they do say no and give you a reason, you have something to work on.


This is feedback for next time! An opportunity for growth!


…And what if they say yes??


Send one email or make one phone call today.
Ask for something from a complete stranger.
Offer your services to someone new.


Pitch something!


But do it ALLOWING YOURSELF to fail!!


Until next time,
Be curious. Learn often. Live deliberately.
Brett Solomano


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