He is the author of the book “A Stuntman’s Guide to Learning Anything”, a keynote speaker, and both trainer and education consultant to corporations and charities.

Coming from a diverse work history, Brett has a list of jobs, experiences and credentials longer than his arm (many of which can be read about here) but says his three greatest memories is doing fireworks on top of the Eureka Tower for new years eve in Melbourne, doing stunts in 4WDs in the middle of the NSW desert and working with disadvantaged kids at the Green School in Bali.

Brett is a lover of board games, international travel, reading and anything where he learns something new from new experiences. He devotes his spare time to charities and organisations promoting positive education and assisting disadvantaged and at-risk youth by doing pro bono consulting and facilitation.

How does my background reflect these beliefs and how do my experiences shape my value? Why a stuntman’s guide? Why keeping you on the EDGE?

I understand how to tackle life’s challenges head-on and live deliberately. I believe that the three pillars of a successful life are the ability to self-educate, have clarity of self-awareness and be comfortable in self-expression.

I am passionate about improving the way people learn new skills and have developed an innovative approach that challenges the traditional learning model.

I believe in giving back and love to spend my spare time working with at-risk and disadvantaged youth to find and understand their inner voice.